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Self-regulating trace heaters / Self-controlled temperature heating tape

Feature Self-regulating with adaptable output Various temperature ranges Demand-orientated out-put grading High chemical resistance No temperature limitation required (important at Ex-applications) Easy to install Can be cut to length off the roll Connection by plug-in connectors Application The WNH trace heater is used for freeze prevention and temperature maintenance on vessels, pipes, valves, etc. It may be immersed in fluids. For use in aggressive environments (e.g. in chemical or petrochemical industry), the trace heater is coated with a special chemically resistant outer jacket (fluoropolymer). Production Process Markets & Applications FAQ 1.Are you factory? Yes, we are factory, all customers are more than welcome to visit our factory . 2.Does self regulating heat trace need a thermostat? Although it’s called "self-regulating," the cable will not turn itself completely on or off. So, we do recommend that a controller or thermostat of some sort to be used with this type of heating wire 3.Can heat trace touch itself? Caution: For series constant-watt trace heaters (HTEK, TEK, TESH), do not allow the heating portion of the trace heater to touch, cross over, or overlap itself. 4.What temperature does heat tape come on? Heat tapes come in many various lengths and manufactures. The better quality tapes use a thermal sensor embedded in the tape to turn on the heating process once the temperature drops to around 38 degrees F (2 degrees C). Manufacturers instructions are provided on the package on how to properly install the tape. 5.How hot does self-regulating heat tape get? Self-regulated heat tapes don't get very hot at all which is why they aren't helpful to unfreeze pipes. In fact, they should be installed on your pipes long before the first freeze. The new self-regulated heat tapes will turn on when the temperature gets below 40 to 38 degrees Packing QC & Aftersales Service Certification Contact information

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